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About Us

Welcome to Elite Chiropractic NW, where we specialize in gentle upper cervical care to restore optimal health and body balance. Our precise methods address the root causes of misalignments, ensuring you live life to the fullest.

Automobile accidents can cause hidden injuries like whiplash and back pain. If you experience symptoms like numbness, severe neck pain, or headaches after an accident, it's essential to seek medical attention. These signs could indicate an upper cervical spine injury, which, if left untreated, can lead to chronic pain and other health issues.

Our Upper Cervical doctor is an expert in treating auto accident injuries. Using non-invasive techniques, we realign the upper cervical spine to relieve pressure and restore proper function to the nervous system. Experience the transformative power of our precise care at Elite Chiropractic NW.

Dr. Cotten D.C. has a great passion for helping others reach their fullest potential, and helps patients find more permanent solutions to their healthcare needs.

What Our Patients Say

"Amazing place to get your life back to normal naturally. If there are things you are not able to do or enjoy anymore, give Dr. Cotten an opportunity to give them back to you."

"Elite Chiropractic has given me my life back! I could barely turn my neck when I first started receiving treatment here. (My x rays were pretty scary) I will never go back to 'traditional' chiro. Blair upper cervical is the only way to go, and Dr. Cotten is amazing!"

"The first time I went to the chiropractor I felt like my back was out of place and needed to be adjusted. I didn’t know that I would start a treatment plan that would help me feel so much better than I ever imagined. Dr. Cotten and staff has taken care of me and now I’m feeling better physically and want to take better care of myself. Thank you for helping me feel better."

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(425) 381-4460

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